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Other Styles of Fencing

We are completly flexible on your fencing needs and can deliver a range of alternative fencing styles. If you have seen a style of  fencing, we can match it and build it for you.


'Hit and Miss'  fencing is a style which lends itself to either high wind areas or where airflow needs to be encouraged. This style is built exactly as a closeboard fence except for the upright boards which are placed alternative sides of the rails in an overlapping style. This allows airflow through the fence whilst still retaining a good degree of privacy


Post and rail is probably the simplest form of fencing and provides a basic boundary marker. This can also be combined with stock wire to provide animal-proof or livestock fencing. Post and rail can be supplied either as square cut or more natural rounded timbers. In an urban environment, low level post and rail can be stained to any colour to provide a simple yet smart boundary marker.


Chainlink fencing is another simple style. It is built on metal posts connected with tensioned straining wire onto which the chainlink is connected. It is available in heights from 3ft to 6ft.